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  • You have made Chemistry so simple for my daughter. She says you are even better than her professor and that her classmates would like to have you as her professor.

    Meera, California

  • I have gained immense confidence after studying with the tutors on this website. I recommend the tutors here to everyone who needs online tutoring and homework help.

    Sarah Hamilton

  • My exams had gone off so well after my sessions for MCAT exams with you. I have thoroughly understood Aromatic Reactions, Alkenes and Alkynes after studying with you. Thank you so much. You are the best Chemistry Tutor I have ever had.

    Yashika Patel, Boston

  • You are the best tutor that I have come across in my .life. Keep up the good work.


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About Dr Uma Sharma !
I have completed my Doctorate and M.S. in Chemistry.
I am a Certified Online Chemistry Tutor with more than 17 years of teaching experience. My approach to teaching is to clear the basics of the topics first before moving on. Detailed explanations with lots of examples and questions form the core of my teaching methodology. My students have performed very well in the AP Chemistry, MCAT, DAT and other exams after learning with me
About My Team !
My team of dedicated tutors in Math, Physics and Biology comprises distinguished tutors with a proven track record. The tutors have in-depth knowledge and can take on anything in their fields. Specially developed training content from the content library is used by them for tutoring so that high standards are achieved. The approach to tutoring is based upon clearing the basics of the subject first and providing detailed explanation with lots of examples.

CBSE Xll th Coaching

Our team of Expert Tutors provide high quality Online Tutoring in the following subjects for CBSE class XII and XI


I provide dedicated high quality preparation in Chemistry for the IIT JEE Main and Advanced exam

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Dr Uma Sharma

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  • Online tutoring by expert tutors who stay with the student throughout
  • Subject matter is put across in the most easily comprehensible manner. Focus on clearing the basics of the subject to lay a solid foundation for knowledge
  • Reliable, state of the art software using shared Whiteboard, Powerpoint Presentations, web content and voice for teaching subjects
  • Affordable Fee. Even lower fee for group tutoring
  • Study from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Free solution of questions in all subjects.

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